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blessme_father's Journal

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This blog is intended to be a safe anonymous space for the sharing of those stories from your life and past you might never tell another soul. All posts are moderated; if you would like to post them as yourself, you are welcome to do so. Since LJ does not allow for anonymous posts to communities, we will provide that service for you if you wish. Simply indicate "anonymous post" in the subject line or first line of the post, and we will "post" your post under an anonymous ID. And we swear we won't look you up and tell all your friends what you did. Scouts honor. (If it's really juicy, we might consider looking you up and friending you...)
As always, we reserve the right to not post anything we don't feel like putting up. That said, we are remarkable hard to shock/surprise/disgust/offend, so don't feel you have to censor yourself (wouldn't that be contrary to the point?).
Also, despite the community name, we are neither anti-christian nor christian-affiliated, for what that's worth.