ann_onnimus (ann_onnimus) wrote in blessme_father,


Subject: hahaha
bless me father for i have sinned, i had premarital sex with an underage boy, on the floor of the kitchen of the apartment shared by his sister and her lesbian lover, who had both told me they wanted me but they were both fat but he was hot and young and smooth. he said he was 18 but i knew he was lying because i had been 18 on his 15th birthday and i can do math. we were doing drugs until late the night before or actually until early in the morning, and his sister's alarm clock went off in her bedroom because she had an early job driving kids to school on the short bus, and the only thought that went through my mind was to wonder whether she was a snoozer or if she just got up, and she wasn't a snoozer, a few seconds later she opened the door and saw us on the floor and went back in and closed the door. i heard later she fell back asleep and missed work.
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